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Kim Kardashian’s Diet Secrets

May 8, 2012 Author: admin | Filed under: Kim Kardashian News, Kim Kardashian Pics
Kim Kardashian Diet Tips

Kim Kardashian Diet Tips

Kim Kardashian is known around the world for her beauty and also her penomenal body shape which is curvy but very toned in the midsection. Millions of women would love to learn her diet secrets and Kim has told many people via Twitter and on her reality show about losing weight.

Well now she has mentioned a new technique she uses via Twitter, which appears to be working very well for her. Kim tweeted “Gluten free is the way to be” and added a very sexy picture of herself.

Gluten is found in a number of foods including bread and pasta, and can be avoided with a little planning. According to Kardashian it inhibits fat loss and too much gluten can interfere with the digestive process.

Kim isn’t the only celebrity to come out as anti-gluten, with Miley Cyrus also telling fans to try a low gluten diet. Cyrus says that even after a week of avoiding gluten you can feel much more energetic and clear headed.

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Kim Kardashian Cosmo Body UK

Kim Kardashian Cosmo Body UK

Kim Kardashian has appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazines “Cosmo Body” spinoff in the UK. The magazine focuses on fitness, cosmetics and looking (and feeling) your best.

Kardashian looks incredibly beautiful in the photos, curvy, sexy and very healthy.

Kim posted some pictures on her official blog and wrote: “I am so honored to be on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK’s new Cosmo Body magazine!! This was a shoot I did last year for my Cosmo UK cover and spread! I’ve posted a bunch of behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot and pics from inside the magazine in the gallery.”

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Kim Kardashian Shape Magazine

May 19, 2010 Author: admin | Filed under: Kim Kardashian Tapes
Kim Kardashian Magazine Cover

Kim Kardashian Magazine Cover

Kim Kardashian looks fantastic on the recent cover of Shape magazine.  Kim gave a very interesting interviewing as well, covering such topics as her fitness regime, diet tips, and how she was an ‘early bloomer’ with overly large breasts at the age of 10!

She said of her early development: “I was only 10 when I started developing breasts. I remember crying in the bathtub. I took a washcloth, made it really hot, put it over my chest, and prayed, ‘Please don’t let them grow any bigger! They’re embarrassing me!’ I was the first girl in my class to wear a bra. And Kourtney would taunt me and tell all the boys, ‘Kim has such big boobs!’ I hated it!”.

Kardashian talked about working out: “It probably sounds weird, but for me, there’s nothing better than getting up and going right to the gym. I have cellulite, just like almost every other woman on the planet. And just because I feel secure with my body doesn’t mean I think cellulite is cute!”

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